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9th Annual Golf Tournament

The 9th Annual Lawson Alumni Golf Tournament was held on Saturday, July 18 at the Hidden Valley Golf Course in Lawson.  The weather cooperated beautifully and the tournament was, once again, a great success.  Approximately $4,800 was raised to fund the Alumni Association's continued support of school programs and scholarships.

The team of Rhett Fregoe (2006), Holden Lewis (2008), Brett Harrison (2005) and Levi Lightfoot (2006) reasserted it's dominance by winning for the 3rd time in the last 4 years. They have now won the honor of conducting golf clinics starting at 6 am before next year's tourney. Plus, they must run the entire course 2 times before starting the tournament...

2009 Golf Champions (L to R): Brett, Holden, Rhett and Levi.

As always, the Lawson Alumni Association thanks all of the businesses that sponsored a hole or donated items. We would also like to thank all of those who played in, worked at or helped prior to the golf tournament. Without all of your help, we would not be able to support the Lawson students and school.

A Flight - 1st Place
Chris Cowsert (2000), Josh Short (2001), Jayson Kessler (2002), Jordan Johnson (2004)

A Flight - 2nd Place
Corey Kessler (1989), Jeff Bigler (1989), Doug Kessler (1979), Glenn Kessler (1977)

B Flight - 1st Place
John Bowers (1990), Jeff Hobbs (1989), Robbie Cox (1993), Robert Bowers (1992)

B Flight - 2nd Place
Kyle Chadwick (1993), Brian Chadwick (1990), Larry Chadwick (1975), Clint Chadwick (1996)

Duffer Award!
Scott Shipley (1989), Charlotte Shipley (19), Kim Faulkner (1990), Doug Faulkner (spouse)

The camera gets turned on the paparazzo! Tournament Photographer Alisha (McKee) Dolt (1998)

My Goodness - My Guinness!
(Just a subtle suggestion for the beer cart...)

Players teasing teammate (off-camera) while he takes his shot.