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15th Annual Alumni Basketball Classic

The 15th Annual Lawson Alumni Basketball Tournament was held Friday, March 22 - Saturday, March 23, 2013 at the Lawson High and Middle Schools. Proceeds from fees and admissions goes to provide scholarships for Lawson Alumni and program grants for Lawson School District classes and programs! Thanks to all the workers and volunteers that help organize and run this event!

Click the bracket image below to see how your favorite team did! Pictures of champions and other participants below as well...

Men Champs

Women Champs

Women Champions - 2012

Men Champions - 2005-06
(Won with a 3 point shot at the buzzer!)

Legends - Even Years

Legends - Odd Years

2012 - Men 3rd Place

2009 - Men 4th Place

2005-06 - Women

2007-08 - Women

2008 - Men 5th Place

Referees - We're not sure why these guys come back year after year, but they've been part of every year of the tourney! Thanks guys!

2010 - Men

2002 - Men