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2nd Annual Alumni Volleyball Classic

The Second Annual LHS Alumni Co-Ed Volleyball Tournament was held Friday, March 31, 2017 at the Lawson High and Middle Schools. Approximately $1,000 of the proceeds from fees and admissions was raised to provide scholarships for Lawson Alumni and program grants for Lawson School District classes and programs! Thanks to all the workers and volunteers that help organize and run this event!

Champions From Left:
Shelly Phipps ('98)
Roseanne Rohaus ('98)
Amanda Wier Guy ('98)
Mark Guy (Spouse)
Curtis Phipps ('01)
Tyler Wier ('02)

Second Place From Left:
Tanner Smith ('16)
MacKenzie McNeely ('12)
Kayla Glenn ('12)
Sam Hendrickson ('12)
MaKenna Petty ('16)
Seth Hendrickson ('16)

Third Place From Left:
Alex Speiser ('06)
Tim Flowers ('86)
Cole Smith ('04)
Faith Payne ('06)
Jessica Rhoad ('06)
Amanda Pickett ('06)

Fourth Place From Left:
Ty Talley ('10)
Sierra Rash ('15)
Dalton Petty ('10)
Amy Kessler ('10)
Kelly Tipton ('10)
Natalie Bush ('10)